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Gogo Inflight Internet Review

I am flying to DC at the moment and have internet access using Gogo Inflight Internet from Virgin America. This is the second time I have used Gogo and wanted to write a post about it since I am very happy with the service so far.

Using Gogo in the air is very similar to using wireless internet at an airport or in a hotel. All you need to do is to search for available wireless networks, connect to the one named "gogoinflight" and attempt to connect to any website. You are taken to a landing page where you create an account and make a payment to activate the service. Cost of the service varies between $5.95 - $12.95 depending on the duration of the flight and whether or not it is a red-eye. A 30-day unlimited pass is also available for $49.95.

Gogo Logo

I performed 3 different speed tests using different servers to get a rough idea as to what kind of bandwidth Gogo is offering. My average connection speed was 2,034 Kbps / 261 Kbps for download and upload respectively. Gogo also allows VPN passthrough. I've had no problems connecting to my computer at work via RDP over VPN and doing some work. All in all, I think being able to check your e-mail, do some work, listen to streaming music, make a phone call or send and receive SMS via Google Voice is worth the price.

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Printing from Lotus Notes and Collapsed Sections

Last week we ran into an interesting Lotus Notes conversion project. We were trying out eCapture 4 from IPRO (this version processes Notes items directly from Lotus Notes) and noticed that it wasn't automatically expanding collapsed sections in documents (see below).


This is an important issue since, according to the picture above, contents of the collapsed "Standard Procedures" section would be missing on the images. Actually, not only the images but the extracted text as well since eCapture uses text extracted via BlackICE during a processing job. The problem can be solved using some LotusScript. From Lotus Domino Designer 8.5 help:

    Sub Postopen(Source As Notesuidocument)
         Call source.ExpandAllSections
    End Sub

When processing manually, all sections can be auto-expanded using the "Shift"+"+" key combination. Another point worth mentioning is that some forms were designed in a way that they automatically collapsed at print time. In other words, even though we were force-expanding them prior to printing, they were being collapsed as soon as the document was being printed. A quick workaround is to export RTF and print from there. Even though the formatting is not great, the RTF export doesn't get affected by the auto-collapsing sections.