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Remote Desktop Connection Problem

We have been having an RDP connection issue with one of our Precision workstations at work. When an employee tries to connect to the computer, the remote desktop login screen is displayed as expected, the employee enters his/her credentials and presses the connect button but the connection is never established. Moreover, no error message is displayed. The mstsc window simply disappears. We have looked into all sorts of potential issues from firewall problems to the version of mstsc. We also checked the event log on both the client and the server and saw no errors related to this problem until yesterday.

While looking at the server's event log yesterday, we noticed some "information" messages. Their event source was "Application Popup" and the message read "\SystemRoot\System32\RDPDD.dll failed to load". "RDPDD.dll" mentioned here is the RDP Display Driver. Based on this information, we decided to update the display driver of the server computer (the graphics adapter is NVIDIA Quadro NV290) and voila! Strangely, this issue seems to affect only this specific computer. We have other Precisions with the same NV290 drivers and they have been working fine.

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